Create Your own Package Kit!

Start From Scratch...

Tailor your next project starting with a blank 3D model. Customize your building size, roof pitch, doors, windows, materials, and extras.


Standard Sizes

Choose a standard size building model with a basic design that includes a 1' overhang, 3' wainscot, overhead doors, windows, and a walk door. Then, personalize your building with a large selection of options!

Click an image below to begin:

32' X 48' X 12' W/ PORCH

30' x 40' X 10' W/ cant. PORCH

30' x 40' X 10' W/ cant. PORCH

24' x 32' x 9' pf building

24' x 32' x 10' W/ PORCH

32' x 50' x 9' pf house shell

customize it your own way!