Packaging Building Kits

For The Do-It-Yourselfer Or Contractor

  • We can offer you more than a regular building material supply company
  • You will receive a material list to show you what material was figured and the quantities
  • We will supply you with a small drawing to show the placement of materials on your building
  • We have a builder’s manual that can answer some of your questions and give you ideas on the construction of your building
  • We can do an outside drawing and layout on our computer programs
  • With our building kits, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that you will be getting all the material needed to do the job
  • Materials are figured for a level jobsite, unless otherwise specified
  • If you need help designing a project, we have plenty of knowledgeable staff to assist you
  • We can supply you with literature on all the accessories of your building
  • If you run into any kind of problem, we have a very well-trained staff to help you get past any problem
B & A Construction & Design

Quality Is Our #1 Priority!
Standard Package Building Design

  • Solid 6” x 6” treated posts-full length
  • Posts anchored in concrete with 9” x ½” rebar pin
  • 2” x 8” Treated splashboard
  • 2” x 6” Side nailers (girts)
  • Inner and outer rafter supports
  • Straight chord trusses
  • Lateral truss ties full length of building
  • 2” x 4” Purlins – 2’ on center
  • #1 Metal with limited lifetime warranty
  • Roof starter
  • Z-trim around base
  • Gutters (extra)
  • One piece roof and side metal
  • All metal installed with screws
  • Steel straps in corners/roof (optional)
B & A Construction & Design

Package Building Kits

  • Let B & A Figure IT for you
  • Includes All Materials you will need to build

B & A Construction’s Package Buildings Kits are a comprehensive way to quote your customers with the knowledge that nothing has been left out.

Simply provide B & A with all the details of your building and we will give you a quote on the entire building supply kit from posts and concrete mix to the finishing touches!

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