Board and Batten Siding

Board & Batten Siding with Striations
Board & Batten Siding with Striations

We now proudly manufacture metal board and batten siding! Named after the traditional wooden counterpart, 'board and batten' refers to wide flat panels (boards) alternating with thin raised strips (battens) that cover seams and hardware and give the structure a classic barn aesthetic.

Our board and batten siding is fabricated in our state-of-the-art metal shop, using top quality 26 gauge American-made steel.  Available in 7 popular colors, with or without striations in a slick or textured finish, steel siding lasts a lifetime!  More than just attractive, steel siding is superior to other commonly used materials in many ways.

As with all our quality metal products, metal board and batten siding is a virtually maintenance-free alternative to vinyl and wood.  In addition to being stronger and more durable in general, steel siding is impervious to mold, rust, insects, as well as natural elements.

Easy to install, board and batten siding is a beautiful, cost-effective option that customers will love!  For more information or to see this new product for yourself, call or stop by our shop and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales professionals.

striated board and batten profile@3x
Striated Board & Batten Profile
Striated Board & Batten Profile
board & batten profile@3x
Traditional Board & Batten Profile
Traditional Board & Batten Profile

Board and Batten Trim Profiles:

Corner Trim:

Corner Trim Profile
board and batten corner trim@3x


J-Channel Profile@3x
J-Channel Profile_1@3x

Rat Guard:

Rat Guard@3x
Rat Guard 3D@3x

Overhang Trim:

Overhang Trim Profile@3x
Overhang Trim 3D@3x
Board & Batten Roll Forming Machine
Board & Batten Roll Forming Machine
Board and Batten Siding Panels