We have the trusses you need!

B&A opened our truss shop in 2019 where we manufacture and stock trusses, continuing our tradition of expanding to serve our customers needs.  We keep basic truss designs in-house for convenient, same day pick-up.  In addition to roof trusses, we produce various floor trusses designs in our shop as well.  Our basic capabilities also include filling large truss orders and making deliveries in southern Indiana.  We have a certified truss designer on staff, ready to help you figure out a custom concept.  Due to our experience and production capacity, you can rest assured that B&A can make trusses specifially for your particular requirements.

B & A Construction & Design
  • We can manufacture trusses up to 80’ in our shop
  • All trusses are alphine engineered to assure highest quality and strength
  • Experts will work with you to design the trusses to fit your building
  • Truss prints are provided
  • We design full, custom house sets
  • We also DELIVER!
  • NOW AVAILABLE: We carry stock trusses at our new truss shop!
  • Sizes available:
  • 24′ – 4′, 8′ O.C. - 1' Overhang
  • 30′ –4′ O.C. - 1' Overhang

Basic Truss Designs:

B & A Construction & Design
Common (Fan)
B & A Construction & Design
B & A Construction & Design
Room in Attic
B & A Construction & Design
B & A Construction & Design

Truss Designs of all Shapes & Sizes!

B & A Construction & Design

Full Home Truss Sets!

Our skilled in-house designer can help plan a full set of custom trusses for your new home or project.  From concept to completion, B&A will be there every step of the way making your dream a reality!  Come by the office or call and speak with one of our experts.

B & A Construction & Design